Posted 3w ago by @Annabananaaaaa

Are brown parts normal?
Wondering if brown parts on “stem”/mini trunk are normal or if it’s a disease?

Inherited this one about a year ago so I’m not sure if those brown parts used to grow leaves and stopped or never did. There’s new growth on parts that do have leaves in case that’s helpful to know. #DwarfUmbrellaTree
@sarahsalith do you know or have any ideas? I used to take care of two but they all were healthy, but I don’t have them, they were at my parents work when I quit.
Thanks for the tag @KikiGoldblatt

They look normal to me. It's just a mature tree. (:

If you have a specific concern, zoom in on it and we can take a gander. (:
@sarahsalith @KikiGoldblatt thanks so much! 🤗
Umbrella looks happy to me and I see new growth! You can stake it, I have a younger one and staking helps a lot as it matures

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