Posted 1M ago by @HeroineRhubarb

Spider issues?
My succulent is dying for an apparent spider or fungus issue. I see spider webs and white “growth”. What do I do!?
Hey hun looks like mealy bugs second pic rub w dawn dish soap solution w alcohol n water take a q tip n dab alcohol n wipe all the bugs out
Spray the solution on the leaves first
Natra has help me lots for all these Bugs thanks to @AwesomePlants who help me battle
That white are mealybugs😬. Spray with alcohol and wipe off plants with alcohol, getting underneath leaves. Then spray with natria.

I'm gonna be honest, unless these plants are rare, expensive, or hold sentimental value... I'd trash that first photo and any others heavily infested with pests. Spend your energy treating all other plants that aren't as easily replaceable.

I've thrown out some plants that had mealybugs, I have way too many expensive plants to risk getting infected.
@AwesomePlants i love ur answer that’s y know ur the best on the job 🤗