Posted 4w ago by @Growthgirl5678

Lots of yellowing droopy leaves
My golden pothos seems to be declining. What’s happening!!??
I can’t really tell what size the pot is but it could be time for a repot! Golden Pothos grow pretty quickly, it could also just need a drink.
Does that pot have adequate drainage?
Looks thirsty to me and it looks like you have it inside a nursery pot inside the decorative pot. i would take out the inner pot and put it kn a bowl of water and see how much it drinks up.
@poisonivy213 I think so
@RJG How will I know if it’s had enough water? I just watered it so maybe it’ll help? If I take it out the nursery pot do I put it back in there inside the decorative pot
@Morrigani oh man. How can I tell if I’m going to get the correct size pot
@poisonivy213 I think so there’s a hole on the bottom ??
Gave her some water and look!
So I’m thinking of reporting her. Does that mean I need to get a bigger nursery pot?
@Growthgirl5678 Omg she looks way better!
@RJG right!??!! That made me so happy to see this morning
@Growthgirl5678 did your other droopy friends bounce back too?
@RJG lol yes they did!
YAY! be sure to let us know anytime we can lend a hand again. Happy growing!
@RJG thank you!!

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