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I've had this zz plant for 2 years now. Is it time to re-pot up a size? Maybe split into two plants? Its gotten pretty big!
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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By the looks of it, it does look like it’s time to repot into something bigger! From my knowledge, ZZ’s don’t like to be crowded. And you can definitely split it up into at least two!
2 years sounds like a good time to repot. ZuZu looks great!
Just got this raven zz today
@Mjeffreyg1 that's a beauty!
@nila @stryker49 thanks for the tips! I've been thinking of splitting it up but I'm afraid to traumatize him! 🀣 First successful plant I've had! I've added 3 more if you look at my profile. I'm getting brave! 🀣
@Maurs_Oasis ooooh you’ll be fine! I recently split mine up into two, I was so nervous! But, it was actually the easiest repotting / splitting up that I’ve done! Just be sure to use well draining soil. You got this! ☺️
Checking the roots is the only way to really tell. If they're root bound, then it's definitely time for a bigger pot.
@stryker49 Thank you! Can't wait to try it! I have a big bag of organic succulent soil. And the new pots I have for it are supposed to be good for draining and self watering. It has the cotton wick in the first pot. I'll give it a shot!
@wolfwoman thank you! I'll check that first when I attempt this next week!
@Maurs_Oasis I’m excited to see!
@Maurs_Oasis what a gorgeous ZZ.

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