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HELP NEEDED- Ghost plant doesn’t look good…

What has happened to my Graptopetalum Jester Ghost Plant? She was fine and then one day she looked like this…Please help #helpneeded
5ft to light, indirect
Last watered 3 months ago
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Hi! I’ve just had something similar happen to me, it turned out my Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg was sick with some type of bacterial or fungal infection. I was advised by a fellow Gregger to cut off the top part to save the “head” since it was dying from the bottom upwards. If your plant is still looking sick you might want to look into that. I suggest googling how to “behead” a sick succulent. I did it, but it turned out mine was already rotten on the inside 🥲 I had only got it a week ago so I think I bought it sick. But yours (by the pic) looks like it still has enough healthy parts and if it’s definitely not overwatered, that would be my next guess. Just thought I’d share my experience to try to save it from happening to someone else! Good luck 🍀 🙏🏻🪴💚 editing for grammar mistakes!
Maybe you’re overwatering
Leaves are plumpy, but getting translucent and brown. These are early signs of overwatering. You need to cut down on water, Eve.
Hi! It’s been overwatered. I would try to repot it in clean dry soil and make sure that it is in a pot with drainage.
Do you have it in a succulent soil? The soil maybe holding too much water causing the issues. Take it out and look at the roots for any rotting.
It hasn’t been watered much and it has drainage..
I thought it looked overwatered but it can’t be, soil is dry all the way through.
And it hasn’t got much water
@BabeVila thank you so much! I’ll take him out and see if that’s what it is. Is the infection visible under the soil?
@SucculentGirl mine had little black spots on the bottoms of the leaves and sometimes on top. @Dustmite suggested I take it out of the soil and direct light to see if the black spots spread, and sure enough, they did. So I attempted to cut the part that still looked good off to save it, but when I did I saw it was all black and rotten inside. I think he will have a better idea for what exactly you should do with yours, but the black spots were a big giveaway for me. Not sure if yours has discoloration but he had also asked me if there was discoloration on the stem so you could check for that… I don’t want to tell you the wrong thing though, so I tagged him 🙏🏻 , hopefully he doesn’t mind! An infection was just my next guess since mine had the same issue and also wasn’t overwatered. Let me know what happens! I hope it will be okay 💚
I would assume these were recently repotted? The birthday is Jan 4 so I'm just making an inference... if so, it could just be temporary repotting stress. Lots of succs will lose a bottom leaf or two when they undergo a change. Did you remove the nursery soil completely and let it rest a couple days before repotting?
@Dustmite They were recently repotted, they were this big when I bought them (Home Depot lol) and I got them around Jan 4
@Dustmite and no I didn’t let them rest that much but I did completely remove the nursery soil. All my other plants that were bought around the same time and were repotted around the same time got the same treatment and are fine 🤷‍♀️
@BabeVila i checked for black spots but there weren’t any, the stem looks normal…it also doesn’t smell bad like plants with root rot do.
A fallen leaf got mold tho 😳 and my pups are kinda crusty
@Dustmite @BabeVila PS sorry it took a while for me to respond I didn’t see this until now :<
@SucculentGirl well that’s good! Hopefully your ghost plant can make a full recovery ❤️‍🩹
@SucculentGirl oh I would remove the moldy leaves and any that are not healthy. You don’t want to spread to the healthy leaves! 🍃 I use a tweezers and sterilize them to remove the sick leaves, 70% isopropyl alcohol works fine, then sprinkle some ground cinnamon on the “wound” to protect it from infection.
@BabeVila the moldy leaves are fallen that I didn’t take out immediately
@BabeVila @Dustmite thank you for your help!
@SucculentGirl yes remove the ones that fell and I did some research today, because I don’t want to lose one again, I’m repotting my succulents with perlite mixed into the soil. Crucial mistake I made because even though I barely water them, the succulent soil was holding onto that water and was damp days later, which is bad for the plant. Here is the link, it helped me so much Even if yours doesn’t have root rot, I would follow this guide to prevent it 💚 Good luck with everything and lmk if you need anything!
@BabeVila Thank you!
Those translucent leaves definitely look like they are overwatered, despite the fact that you didn't water them much. I would get them out of that soil again and dry out the roots. They will lose the affected leaves, and there's nothing you can do to save those. You can repot in soil with plenty of inorganic material if it recovers, but I would give it a while
@Dustmite Ok, thanks. I removed the damaged leaves and it appears as though it’s fine now- but I will still dry it out just in case. Thank you!