Posted 1M ago by @Hollowmoss

whats up with these leaf spots :0??

Recently just got her repotted as she was too big for the previous one, and upon return from the greenhouse, I noticed these. Are these pest related? Stress related? :(
#Philodendron #leafspots
4ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
It’s anthracnose/leaf spot. Spray with liquid copper fungicide and allow to dry, do not wipe off. Add a bit of copper to the water when you aren’t fertilizing and it should help. Be cautious of the humidity levels in the greenhouse. Some plants like humidity but not as much as others. One plant of one genus may not like that much humidity while another of the same kind may love higher humidity. Acclimation is everything. At the same time, visit your plant at night to see if there are any nuisance pests that could be causing damage. The copper helps fight any bacteria they may leave behind.