Posted 2w ago by @MeekCamphorweed

New Prince of Orange
So my husband was at a reptile show this past weekend and came home with this guy. When seeing it close up I noticed these spots. Is this something I should be worried about. I was thinking I should treat with a fungicides. Is this a bacterial infection?
Have you repotted??? If not, you should. Looks like it could be suffering from root rot. Does the soil produce a strong odor?
@BlendedBelle no I literally just got it a few hrs ago. I was thinking repotting but wasn’t sure if I should let it acclimate some before doing it. The soil doesn’t smell ( but my sniffer is not 100% since having Covid)
@MeekCamphorweed understood.. lol, I would start by repotting.
@MeekCamphorweed that way you can rule out a lot of things… i.e. bugs, overwatering, possible death plugs He’ll have a fresh start with you. Keep us(me) posted!!!!!

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