Posted 1Y ago by @Greenfinger

My wonderful neighbor gifted me this awesome guy and she didn’t know what he is. Is he a cornstalk dracaena? Thanks for the help 😊
3ft to light, indirect
16” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
I think you are correct. πŸ˜ƒ. It is a beautiful plant.
Thank you!

I feel very grateful, he’s healthy and has new growth coming in. I’m one step closer in having a jungle for a living room.
@Greenfinger yes it is a Cornstalk Dracaena πŸ’― . What an awesome gift.
Great neighbor ~ beautiful plant
I was told that this is a cornstalk dracaena?
@MeekGreen the color is super yellow. Was it green at one point? If not you may have a water or soil problem
How and what should be potted in?
Mine is in regular soil with a big layer of mulch at the top. The pot is plastic with a drain. It’s been in this pot for a long time I think
It looks like a Janet Craig to me. I have 3 cornstalk dracaena. Here is a pic of two of them.