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My song of india plant (identified by greg, not sure if i...

I believe I potted this guy late december, around christmas. been following greg’s watering schedule since, and it’s been looking very sad compared to how it first looked. Not sure what I’m doing wrong (I’m new to this!) Thanks!
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10ft to light, direct
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
I’m also new here so don’t take what I say to heart but for my only plant on Greg, it seems like the watering schedule is too many days apart. At least compared to what I was doing before I got on Greg
It looks like a lucky bamboo a bit in this picture but idk.
@fawgz Just repot the plant to a pot that has drainage holes! 💜
Sorry your Song of India Dracaena’s leaves are turning yellow. 😔 Use sterilize scissors to remove the yellowing leaves.
💦Amaris @PlantiePenguin is right. This plant needs to be repotted in fresh dry soil and in a pot with drainage holes. The lack of drainage holes will cause overwatering, root rot and the death of your plant. (But, those large terracotta pots usually have drainage holes.) It looks like your plant’s pot is too large and that will be responsible for overwatering too.
💧What type of water are you watering it with? All Dracaena hate the chemicals in tap water. So consider using filtered or rain water. Once in a while you can use distilled water, to help prevent or remove toxicity chemicals/minerals that’s found in tap water.
💦 Use the Greg app as a reminder or as a guide. Because, there are so many factors that can deplete the water from your plant’s soil, such as heat vents or dry air, this Greg app can’t account for them all. If you use the finger soil test before watering your plant, your plant will be able to tell you it’s thirsty.🙃
▫️During the winter, tropical plants go dormant. While they’re in this state of dormancy, it’s so easy to overwater your plants, because their water requirements have decrease, compared to their watering requirements during their growing season (spring-summer). This is the reason the spring-summer time is also the best time to transplant tropicsl plants. So Erika @Aikalovesphilos is right. It maybe suffering from transplant shock.
▫️It looks like a Song of India Draceana. Because it’s in a state of dormancy, it may not be the best time to repot or transplant. Consider propagating it. Make sure you rinse all the dirt off the roots and put it in water. This resistant plant can live indefinitely in water or LECA
🙏I hope your plant will make a speedy recovery.
@Ada3 Wow, thank you so much for the thorough info! I will take all of this into consideration, especially the water! Our water is pretty hard so that could definitely be a contributing factor