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I was given a fiddle leaf fig that have no leads on it except for 5 on the very top. Can I cut it back and if so what do I do? It looks pitiful like it is.
Also do I keep watering it just like I would now.
I chopped the head of mine and propagate it in water. The mother plant will probably send out new shoot’s. If you look at where the old leaves were, it will spot new growth from there. Think of it like a philodendron if you have propagated them before. I did it to mine from a single stem and it’s spread to four branches and looks more like a tree. I would reduce the water as it would not be loosing it through the leaves.
I had a similar one. I managed to get mine to split a few times by cutting the new growth, and I planted my pothos at the base to fill in that gap.
@MadTwatter Wow! How is yours so green? I keep getting brown spots at the edge of the leaves.
@Gordo I haven’t propagated one of thos. I don’t own one. @RJG @Kiersten @alex what are your thoughts!
Keep us posted I have one that looks very sad like this too would like to know what to do!
I recently added grow lights and a humidifier and that has really helped mine to look a lot better. It’s winter so mine is dormant. I don’t expect any new growth until the spring.
This is mine. I chopped the top of and it has regrowing. It will sprout new shoots from anywhere on the stem just above where the ild leaves were. Sorry that my information wasn’t that helpful. Hopefully it recovers for you.
I really want leaf’s starting from the bottom up. I seen someone else’s post that chopped hers back and she had a sprout. I don’t know what she did to get the sprout 🌱. I would love to see this FLF grow from the bottom up.
Thank you @Gordo for your info. πŸ˜‰
@alex @RJG @Kiersten will the leafs that fell off grow back? I have no idea πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Kristy, just chop it lower down. No the leaves do not grow back! When you chop it back it will start new growth from different nodes around the top of where you cut. If you get multiple growth points and you only want a single stem you just pinch the growth point.
@Gordo thank you so much 😊
My pleasure. Hopefully you will get a reply from the other 3 members you were asking and get more information.
I wouldn't chop it until later in the spring, but everyone else has given good advice.

they propagate really well in water and it (in theory) should grow from where you cut it. I can't guarantee that cause you never know, but normally it will start growing from where you cut it. Might even split into 2.
@RJG thank you so much.
I’ve had some luck peeling bark at lower parts and getting new growth to come out there. Unfortunately that growth just died when I brought it in for the winter.
@user4c4fe681 I get those too on the old growth. I put my #FiddleLeafFig outside from spring through fall, part sun. Also fertilize, change the soil every two years, and I’ve started using a soil conditioner/aerator on it and my other plants.
This thread is great. I have a small FLF that didn’t get watered while I was on vacation and all the lower leaves dropped. Now it’s top heavy and ungainly. I’ll try these suggestions in the spring and pay close attention.
@IndyMary so do I. I want to get another one just in case this one doesn’t make it.
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