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🚨 #DealAlert 🚨
IKEA is selling a White Bird of Paradise in a 9.25” pot and the plant is 42” tall for $24.99! β€”β€”> <β€” #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #Strelitzia #BirdOfParadise
@sarahsalith I don’t think you have one yet)
Thanks for letting us know.
@ABCD thanks for looking out for me!! I DO! πŸ˜† My oasis is alphabetical, but my white bird of paradise from Ikea is underοΏΌ "Outside" plants. (:

Are you getting one, Peter? They are so cool! Mine stays outside in the spring, summer, and fall so it looks rough-- but it's natural-looking!
@sarahsalith I don’t know you can’t deliver live plants and mine is quite far away
Also you could make a fortune selling cuttings
Yes, I don't believe that Ikea delivers live plants. Only recently have they had their website set up so you could order online! Usually, you would have to pack up the car and make the trip.οΏΌ

I have a smaller one that is supposed to be the multi-coloredοΏΌοΏΌ BOP. Time will tell.

I got these two (little plants) from Amazon two years ago. To say it is a slow grower is an understatement.οΏΌοΏΌ πŸ˜‰
@AwesomePlants I wonder where I got #DealAlert from??
That's a good deal! I paid $40 something several months back. Mine is taller than me! (Well, not difficult since I'm a shortie!🀣) @ABCD Did you see huge Monsteras at your location for same price? I picked up 2 last week!
@AwesomePlants monsteras from ikea?
Hey! I think your unknown #2 is an iris.
@sarahsalith Know what type of iris it I? There’s about 20 different types on Greg
@ABCD let me call in an expert. I don't know if you'll know for sure unless it blooms, but I know if any knows, it'll be Colin.
@SubTrop - can you help out Peter?
@sarahsalith it’s in water so I don’t think it can bloom
@ABCD Yaaaas! They are new at Ikea. Ikea generally releases new plants in:

Their release is a little off recently though.
Can you send a link @AwesomePlants?
@ABCD Not on site, but it was in store at. Woodbridge Ikea. I think Norfolk Ikea is closest to you.
So, @AwesomePlants you’re telling me that they’re selling a 9” monstera for $25? That’s 3.5’ tall?
@ABCD YUP!! 🀯 Posted it as a #DealAlert when I saw it. Ignore "philodendron" on label 😑. It is a Monstera. If you go to store, pull them out to inspect and see if they have some in back that may be in better shape.
@sarahsalith I had every intention when I returned to Ikea the next day, to buy the 2nd Monstera for a friend, but I can't seem to part with it. πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ It's the thought that counts?
@AwesomePlants it's the thought that counts. 🀣

When you go to Ikea, don't forget to get a bag of leca because it's AMAZING! (I need some more; I'm nearly out.)

Fun fact, monsteras used to be lumped in with philodendrons along time ago.οΏΌ Really, the main difference isοΏΌ that Monsteras will produce fruit and Philodendrons will not... if I am correct in my rememberings.
@sarahsalith What do you use leca for? I see it, but haven't used it yet.
@sarahsalith Yeah, I can't always tell difference with baby split leaf philodendrons and monsteras until they get bigger so when stores label them all philos especially when they are small and don't have fenestrations yet, I can't tell the difference when they are small
@sarahsalith thanks for the props, but I can’t tell. It could be a Japanese one possibly…
@sarahsalith @SubTrop can I put it in soil then
I saw it too!!!!! I’m seriously thinking about it. And there’s like 3-4 plants in each pot.
Oh no they won’t ship it. Totally bummed. I was just in Charlotte this last week (closest IKEA by me)
Are these hard to care for?
Yesss πŸ₯Ή
@ABCD yes, it looks to have plenty of roots
@Ofisplants actually they can be pretty easy
@ABCD thanks for letting us know! I wished I had room for a BOP.

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