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I got this split leaf philodendron a few weeks ago and I noticed browning on only one leaf the other day. I suspect I am under watering. How often do those shakes need to be watered?

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You should water your split-leaf philodendron once every 7-10 days—water the soil no more than 25%-30% of the gross soil volume. The water should drip out of the pot's drainage holes. Keep the soil damp but not excessively wet.

Keep your potting soil moist, but not drenched.

Overwatering split-leaf philodendrons can lead to root rot and yellow leaves. Use a humidifier near the plant or in the room to keep it from wilting, and mist with a spray bottle for even more moisture.
Hi! I recommend a moisture meter. What kind of soil do you use? I often add orchid bark to my phili soil to keep it from remaining damp. Water thoroughly let dry top 2 inches before watering again. Cut off dry leaf and watch for any other leaves turning. Best wishes

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