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At what humidity level should I keep my friendship plant ...

@PlantBeach , I decided to put my friendship plant into a terrarium! Yours looked so happy, and I had one already, so I thought it was a good idea. I kept him in the plastic nursery pot with drainage, added sphagnum moss with a bit of compost. 😊 What humidity level should I keep it at? I have a gauge so I can keep a close eye on it! ðŸŒą
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2ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
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Hey @JesssJungle If your Friendship Plant is in a closed container, such as a terrarium or a glass enclosure, the humidity levels will naturally be higher inside. Generally, you can aim for a humidity level of around 70-80% in a closed container to mimic the plant's natural environment. Ensure that there is some airflow within the enclosure to prevent excessive moisture buildup, which could lead to issues like fungal growth or root rot. Monitor the plant closely for any signs of distress and adjust the humidity levels as needed.
@Lunatik4 , thank you!! That's about what it is sitting at. It has a little door I can prop open to let air flow in when needed. 😁 He seems pretty happy in there so far!
@Lunatik4 great answer 👍
Yayyy @JesssJungle #terrariumtribe ðŸŒŋ I open my lid once a day for about 2 hours or longer if i forget lol to let it get some air flow too, I agree with monitoring closely for too much moisture.