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Polka dot plant
I found this cutie at Aldi! The description says it has a short life span and can be dramatic?! I just want it to stay pink so any advice is welcome #PolkaDotPlant
4” pot
Last watered 2 days ago
Direct sunlight isn't the best for variegated plants. Especially those with tender leaves and stems, so I'd recommend INDIRECT BRIGHT LIGHT.
Dramatic is an understatement. I'll get a photo of mine for you. Tomorrow is watering day, but today it looks like I left it in the sun for a week πŸ˜‚. Definitely a short lifespan. I've found if you chop and prop like an inch plant it at least always looks like it has new growth. That said it hasn't rooted as easily as the inch plant so I'm still working on that, I actually need to prune mine today.
I mean 🎭
@PlantMompy lol awww well it’s still pretty pink!! I couldn’t pass it up for 3.50 haha
They are very dramatic, find a spot it likes and keep it there.
Omg. It literally collapsed before I could water it. 🀦🏽 It's fine now that it has water πŸ˜’
Mine is soooo dramatic. I feel like once it finds a spot, it has to stay there or else it just pms’s. πŸ˜…
Mine do pretty well with bright indirect light and watering once a week! If you want the plants to be bushier, prune the leggy stems. You can propagate any clippings in water and grow new plants from it! I have about 5-6 now just from propagation. Too much sun will cause fewer pink spots! Hope that helps :)
I've also had mine for nearly a year and they've been healthy the whole time, so I'm not sure about the short life span! But yes, very dramatic once they are thirsty!!

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