Posted 1M ago by @AnotherPlantGay

Dry and brown parlor palm
Unfortunately, this plant went long without watering, and but the past week or so, I’ve been trying to revive it. Is there any chance this guy will live again? Some green is coming through, but the majority is brown. I have started to occasionally mist it, as well as removed it from it’s store container in the pot. #ParlorPalm #PlantGraveyard
8” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
Is the current plant card picture what it looks like now?
@Ratshell yeah, I took that photo this morning
From my experience with parlor palms, they can bounce back. It looks pretty bad, but you may be able to bring it back. You might want to repot it in a pot with drainage and cut off all the completely brown parts and just hope for the best. If you keep caring for it as normal then maybe it might bounce back.

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