Posted 3w ago by @stait

is this soil normal?? i don’t know if the white spots are bad
8ft to light, indirect
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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The soil looks a little dry and like it could be mold on top. You could repot but you could also just sprinkle some cinnamon or hydrogen peroxide on top!
are you talking about the spots on the leaf or the soil? i can’t see anything on the soil but the white on the leaves looks a lot like the what my own plants get when water splashes onto them.
edit: btw is that a schefflera or a hoya? if it’s a hoya then they would prefer very airy/chunky soil
It’s hard to see the soil but from what I can see it might be mineral deposits built up. It looks like you need to change the soil anyways. If it’s not mineral build up it may be mold but a closer photo would help us determine.
@stait I agree with @PlantMompy the soil looks dry. I would repot it and do what she says.
I agree, time to re-pot!
the soil is moist to the touch
@strawberrymoon i think it’s a dwarf umbrella tree
@PlantMompy do you think that will help with the mold??
Yup! Both cinnamon and HP help to kill mold and keep it at bay. Since the soil is wet my guess is that the plant is getting a bit too much water and that's why the mold is growing. I'd skip the next watering to help the soil dry out. You can also bottom water the plan to keep the top of the soil dryer to stop the mold from coming back! It's really up to you if you want to repot, treat, etc.

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