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Do I need to repot her? Also, do I get rid of the dead stem?! Thanks in advance!
16ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
How long ago did you bring the plant home, and how do the roots look?
You can remove stems when they're dry. They'll just pull right off. If you tug on it and it feels soft or mushy, try again a few days later. You can also just leave them, they'll dry up to something paper thin. But if its a thick dry stem, like the left one in your picture, that might take longer to dry up completely and it might look unsightly.
@Arashi1118 I appreciate your response back! Truly helpful!
@AggroResting I brought it home yesterday! and the roots look healthy from the bottom of the pot - not peeping through the drainage holes yet
A lot of people like to leave the plant to acclimate for a couple weeks before repotting. However if you lift the plant up and the roots are rotted looking or if the soil the nursery sent it home in is really crappy you may want to change the soil right away. (Removing the soil completely and replacing it). This has the benefit of detering soil-borne pests, however it may shock the plant. οΏΌIf its not root bound, it probably does not need a larger pot.
@AggroResting The roots look like the picture to the left :-)
@alyza_rose personally I like to change the soil of my new plants for peace of mind. However from everything you described it doesnt sound like your plant *needs* to be repotted. Its a tradeoff for stress to the plant.
@AggroResting I appreciate your feedback on my situation!!
I repot new plants a few days after I get them home to acclimated them before shocking them with new soil. Hahaha... I have a personal soil that I use for my plants so I always change the soil of my new plants. If you also have a preferred soil mix then repot after sometime.
As for your repotting case which includes possibility of being root bound, I'd wait for a few watering sessions first. If your watering too often relative to what we know about giant taro's watering needs, then the pot might be too full of roots, so definitely upsize the pot. If watering sessions are reasonably far between, then keep the pot. Giant taros kinda like being root bound. I have a big one that's got roots peeking above the soil and its as happy as can be. 7 huge leaves, with a new one on the way just a couple weeks after the last one.
@Arashi1118 Thank you for the wonderful information!

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