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What happened to my cactus?

So I watered this cactus maybe 2-3 weeks ago and I checked back up on her today and saw that this had happened does anyone know what it’s from or what it is?
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Now that you say that I'm almost positive it's fungus
Is it squishy?
@AcidRain no more crispy
@AcidRain it was also a cutting off of the mother cactus and was kind of a diseased piece so that may have something to do with it?
Did the mother have a fungus cause that's what it kinda looks like to me. You could cut off ALL of the grey and make sure you wash your hands well. After that, you could apply some cinnamon as an antifungal and let it calloused over for a couple of days and try again
@AcidRain I don’t really know sadly it was from a friend from a greenhouse
@AcidRain before this a few months ago there were dots on it too, let me see if I can find a picture
@AcidRain couldn’t find any but they were like rust colored spots
@AcidRain really! Well thank you was there anything I could of done to help it before that happened in the picture
I'm not sure. I don't really know all the history of this plant. If it was the same potting mix from the mother, then you could have thrown out the old soil, gave the pot a good clean and disinfect. If it was put in soil after being removed, you could have let it calloused over and dry out a little before putting it in soil. Gave it a "bath" with Neem and antifungal spray when received. I'm sure you'll take precautions in the future now with other plant babies πŸ˜…
@AcidRain yes ofc! I don’t really know what my friend did before giving it to me but know I know I will be doing that thank you so much!
You are so very welcome! @Plantttloverr01 fingers crossed that the baby survives 🀞
@AcidRain 🀞