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Almost down to one leaf πŸ₯Ί

Hello! I am new to the #GregGang and would love and appreciate any advice for my Heart of Jesus. Ever since i got her from Walmart she has been struggling! This is her today, it’s last leaf looks like it’s about to die 😞 there’s a new leaf coming in and i would like all the tips for keeping this new leaf alive and thriving! She was being eaten alive when i first got her but she was still super vibrant with lots of leaves. Then she was accidentally sun burnt and then went though a spider mite infestation 😭 the spider mites took the last of her leaves. Shes been repotted to a smaller pot and has a mixture of regular well draining soil, orchid bark mix, perlite and a little of cactus mixture. I’m hoping this new leaf will turn her around πŸ₯² #Caladium #HeartOfJesus
3ft to light, indirect
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Best Answer
Caladiums go dormant this time of year. It will send up new growth in the spring. Cut back on watering for awhile.
The best advice I’ve gotten on here is to make sure the pot has drainage.
It's because the worst that happens to the plant is to wear wet socks (no drainage in the pot) @Lehhliee @CindyinFriscoTX
@SvelteKingfern I like that. Wet socks. It definitely gives a human metaphor that makes me not want to share the feeling. #wetsocks
@SvelteKingfern It does have drainage, the pot it’s in has holes and is on a stand that you can’t see inside the outer pot. So it’s never sitting in the water and i just dump it after 30 minutes anyways… it is a cute saying lol i indeed hate wet socks
@ComicSoftbrome thank you! I didn’t realize this about Caladiums. I’ll lessen watering until springtime
Your plant went through a lot, and you're doing your best to save it. I would wait and give your plant time to recover. I hope for the best for your plant.
@SvelteKingfern It really has, & thank you!
@Lehhliee yes and just cut him down. Spring time they will come back. You will be surprised how much they will sprout back when it’s warm. Don’t worry. For me even in its dormant season they sprout back. When they get yellow I cut them and in 2 weeks they are sprouting again. Caladiums β€œheart of Jesus” plants are pretty tough.