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Why are the leaves getting brown on the ends? Thanks
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Hi Dawn, welcome to Greg! In the future be sure to tag people in your replies to make sure they see them. (: I gotchu this time tho. @KikiGoldblatt
@KeenFern can you post a picture of what you are talking about so we can help, please and thank you. Your Oasis is private so I couldn’t look to see if I could find it.
Hi, here is my plant
Thanks for any advice
I am a newbie just this morning 😁.
@KeenFern When was the last time it was watered and how often do you water? Those could be old leaves doing what they do or it could be big damage or overwatering. Inspect for any signs of bugs like spider mites, aphids and mealy bugs. You can also check the roots for any rot by digging her out to inspect them if it continues. I had to start over with my peace lily from damage this winter. She’s thriving now.

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