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What does he like?
I just got him and I’m obsessed 😍 but I want him to be happy in our home because just look at him! Anyone know what they love? Moist soil let it dry in between waterings? A hug?
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4” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
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@Vjunc yes! Older leaves are on the outer part and will naturally shed off and yellow as the plant grows! Like palm trees. Like looking at the plant now, the leaf in the left will be the first to go and new growth should be happening around that same time
Yes!! Let it dry out a bit and they LOVE the sun and humidity! If it’s like right next to a window make sure to turn it weekly. I also like to list and wipe them down weekly
My Polly is in a pebble tray, and my scale will be shortly!
Always default to a hug and occasional petting with kind words of admiration and love.
And yes! I have mine in an east window with filtered light. It seems to like it there. I moved it to a different shelf about a foot lower and under a grow light, it doesn’t seem to like that as much…
@jcPlantProper @PlantMompy @PrincexDarg you ladies are amazing thank you!!!
@jcPlantProper last question janai do new leaves come from the center of the plant?
@jcPlantProper ❀️❀️ thank you!!!

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