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I bought New ficus. I'm new to the bonsai world. Please p...

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Hi, welcome to Greg! I have a few recommendations. This plant really appreciates bright indirect light at minimum, partial sun if possible. Make sure to water after the top inch or two is dry. It also likes humidity, so lightly misting it or running a humidifier is recommended. Enjoy your ficus ginseng, I love mine!
Wish I could help, but I've never owned a bonsai. It's beautiful, though!! ๐Ÿฅน๐Ÿฉท
Sorry no help from me. Know zip. But that thing is gorgeous! Hopefully someone will jump in and help you here.
Wish i could help you. This is one venture that is in my plant journey. Someday i will get into bonsi!
Also you'd be surprised if you go to YouTube and find some vids on it. There are a lot of ppl who do put up helpful tips!
Thank you for your support and tips.