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My girlfriends Berry syngonium is turning yellow, been treating with neem oil, but leaves keep turning yellow.
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@xelijah yes! Stay consistent for 2–4 weeks. If you are overwatering/under watering, you’ll see a change within the two weeks, usually. It appears that you are slightly overwatering. What kind of soil do you have the plant in?

 Syngonium soil is strongly suggested. If you have these, it is the best Planting material for that type of plant. They don’t like their roots to stay wet. The roots rot easily. . Mix together the following: 50 percent potting soil; 20 percent peat moss; 20 percent orchid bark with charcoal; 10 percent shredded sphagnum moss and a handful of perlite.
If your Plant's foliage starts yellowing, the most probable cause is it's not getting enough water. Additionally, too much water and soggy soil causes yellow leaves. If irrigation isn't the problem, the plant might be suffering a nitrogen deficiency, especially if the mature foliage is turning yellow.
@R_L15748 thank you, for your help!
Try getting your watering stable for about 2 weeks using approximately 94ml (.4 cups) if in a 5in pot. 70ml (.3 cups) if in a 4 in pot.
@R_L15748 what do you mean watering stable?
@R_L15748 thanks for the help, we will do that. It's in just regular potting soil right now
@xelijah ok…. Change It out and you should see a difference. 

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