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Should I clip off these damaged leaves from my Swiss Cheese Monstera?
I’ve noticed some issues on two leaves on my #swisscheese #monstera in particular - sadly one of them was a new leaf unfurling that suddenly browned and “crisped” up (I’m not sure why.) The other damaged leaf has yellow spots and breakage and is at the base of the plant.

Should I clip them off? Do they look like a pest/fungus issue?

So far these are the only two leaves with the issues.

9ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I wouldn’t! They look to me like they will probably survive and even if they die (unless there are further signs of virus or fungus) I like to leave dying leaves on as long as possible because the plant will reabsorb nutrients from the dying leaf to help the rest of the plant
Sus for bug/fungus issue for sure.
People say doesnt bother the plant to snip, so its up to u…

Personly i snip bc if the plant is trying to regenerate or repare, its wasting energy on a dead leaf so. CUT IT.
@HeirSoursop indeed this is very important, to cut the dying leaf, and by the way of this is not over watering, it might also be low light
I had the same issue with my plant. I clipped the leave and took it to m local nursey. The specialist there told me it’s fungus and recommended this Organic Fungicide. Will spray this weekend during the daytime.
You might try using some hair from your brush. I had a plant that I thought had a fungus. I read that you can use your hair to restore the balance of your plant also it’s better than using chemicals. 
You can do that and that will allow your plant to put its energy towards all of the other leaves. If you keep them that is entirely fine but it will waste some of its energy keeping those yellow and brown leaves alive. Happy growing! (:

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