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Money tree troubles. :(
My money tree is aprox 2yrs old. It lost every single leaf last winter when the cats knocked it over and it laid on the floor 1 cold night. I refused to get rid of it(my MIL insisted it was dead). Anyways, come spring it started with sprouts and I got nice new growth. I noticed some brown tips and got worried I potted it in too big of a pot( 12 or 14” and was hoping big pot would prevent being knocked over). I assumed the deeper soil wasn’t drying out well enough or it was sunburnt. so I repotted this guy in a smaller pot about 6 days ago and a few weeks before that I switched windows to 1 that only gets an hour or so of sunlight vs old window 4-5hrs direct sun. This morning I noticed the leaves look splotchy like they are losing color. Is this just him being shocked because he got a new pot/roots cleaned? He started new growth when I switched the window several weeks ago so I think he likes this spot better… Or is there more going on? He’s a survivor but always been a tad finicky.
0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Money plants are finicky. It is probably adjusting to the new pot. I would give the plant bright indirect light until he perks up. Be patient. I think he will be okay. 💚

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