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Weird texture and top leaves curling?
#RaindropPeperomia top leaves have been curling since I got it a month ago and soil has been consistently wet (I haven’t watered it at all). The leaves also have a weird bumpy texture? What’s up with this?
4” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
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@ulabadula I wouldn't change the soil right away. When I've gotten my plants from big stores, sometimes I don't water them for a month or more. The big stores can drown poor plants BUT it's most likely in the soil that the grower picked out, so it good.

Just be patient and let it dry out well. Just snooze the plant in Greg instead of watering it. I think your plant will be okay.

My last hoya I got from Home Depot was wet and I didn't water it for almost 40 days. Now we are on a good rhythm.

If you want to pull the while thing out of the pot and let it dry on paper towels, you can do that to help it along.

Good luck with your Raindrop!
Stop watering, stop watering!! For real, let it fully dry out, then still don't water it for like another week. Mine did this, then before I knew it, the stems of all the older leaves got mushy, and all fell off. Always treat these plants like succulents, they store heaps of water for themselves in their big glossy leaves 🤗
@jungleloft I haven’t watered it at all since I got it!! Should I put it in better draining soil?
I agree with @sarahsalith 🤙
It might be the type of water you are using. I can't recall where I saw it but it gives them a type of plant acne.. once it dries out, try distilled water..
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definitely edema from it being overwatered at some point, mine has the same exact thing.