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What is the best potting soil for monstera? Mine is also starting to lean.
@PrevalentWaxivy a well draining potting soil and if you can get some perlite add some in with it as well, it help with irrigation. I use Miracle Gros overwatering/underwatering one. It comes in a blue bag.
Thank you! I will be repotting my baby today!
@PrevalentWaxivy you are very welcome. Make sure your pot has drainage as well.
best would be something chunky/airy with components like pumice, orchid bark etc but honestly i don’t think monsteras are very picky, so regular potting soil with a good amount of perlite to make it well draining as kristy said should be good :)
I'd recommend adding some support, like a moss pole, to help with the lean! It's best to add when you're repotting anyway πŸ™‚
Welcome to Greg, Lori!!

I totally agree with @strawberrymoon and @PlantMompy - your Monstera isn't picky, but it wants a well draining, chunky mix.

Moss poles or any sturdy pole or branch or coco coir poles (if your plant is small) is great!

BUT!! If you just got it, may I suggest you leaf it alone. Let it rest before you start messing with it. Let it have time to acclimate to its new home. 😁

Most of the time, you can leave your new plant in the nursery pot for MONTHS before you need to repot.
Add orchid bark to a good potting mix with pearlite.
Welcome to Greg! I agree with everyone here. All of our Monstera varieties are growing beautifully in a chunky mix that helps water drain away quickly. Best of luck! 🌿
Everyone loves #Monstera πŸͺ΄
Always add orchid bark, perlite and any soil together if your feeling fancy add some worm castings and charcoal. If you want to keep it basic just add some orchid bark to potting mix.
Thank you all so much for the great advice and the welcome!

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