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Are Banana trees supposed to look droopy?

I found this banana on clearance at Lowe’s after we had a sudden cold spell a few week ago. He had some leaves I had to cut off but most looked undamaged from the frost. I kept it indoors until the weather passed and put him outside once it was above 50 degrees every night and it’s been in the 70’s and 80’s during the day. I’ve watered him almost daily as it’s been hot. It will remain a potted banana because our winters are too cold here in Pa and he will come indoors then. He’s been on this extra table and on the east side of my house. Behind him is south so he does get some of that sun too. I felt like his leaves were more open and perky inside my house. What am I doing wrong? @RJG I know you have bananas. #Banana #PlantAddict #DwarfBanana
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 21 hours ago
Stop watering it. They don't mind being dry for a hot minute. Keep her inside for now. We don't have the climate needed to really see them take off. The droop is also caused by shock of you continually putting it outside
I have the same tree just younger and its leaves don’t β€œflop” that much. I’m in a much different zone than you though. I’m in Houston, tx so we don’t even know what winter is lol. I just took a peak at mine outside and the leaves are pretty perky. Despite our already humid and warm temps I only water him like every 4ish days. I believe they don’t mind drying out a little bit between watering. Good luck!! πŸ‘πŸΌ
@RadiantGinseng it’s been outside for 2 weeks now. I have a covered porch on the south of my house. Maybe I’ll move him over there and see if he likes it better. We are expecting a week of rain starting tonight and that will keep him from being over watered too.
Keep in mind they are tropical. The humidity in the air in PA is well as temperature.80 degrees with humidity is different than 80 degrees in PA.
What zone are you in?