Posted 1M ago by @userd2f6da8b

Is she dead? 😭😭
1ft to light, direct
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 7 months ago
She might be, but there is always a chance! I would cut it all the way back to the trunk and give it a chance to sprout new fronds. I do see a little bit of green on some of the existing ones but it's hard to tell if they are still alive or just haven't fully dried out yet.
Take the plant from the pot and cut away any rotting roots. Root rot will keep it from getting water.
How often so you water it? Looks like it had been over watered. I only water mine every two to three weeks
@tmbryant37 OK! I cut her back and we'll see!
@Plantsassenach I'll do that as well!
@DeanJuniper Chris I water about once a week, but not much. Too often??
Yes. It is a desert plant. It holds water in the bulb at the base. It only needs watered once every two to three weeks during the summer and every four to five weeks in the winter

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