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New adansonii getting brown leaf edges

Hey, I'm a fairly new plant parent and I got a new adansonii last friday.
Some leaves had whitish spots and some old bottom ones seemed ripped & slightly brown but I guessed it was just damage from transportation.
The second picture was taken on sunday, the rest today.
Now I noticed that some bottom leaves got even more brown/black and I'm not sure what is going on.
I haven't watered it yet because the soil was moist after purchasing it. Haven't taken the roots out of the pot yet but there are a few healthy white firm ones peeking out of the bottom drainage holes.

Any ideas what is going on and how to check for pests? #monstera #swisscheese
Last watered 2 months ago
@EarthyDewberry Hi Kevin. Since it’s so new to your home, it will be difficult to understand a cause-and-effect. I would suggest for the time being, give it the best possible environment first, and then evaluate issues (unless there are very obvious pests or diseases). For an adansonii, β€œif roots are coming out the bottom, potting is the problem.” It definately seems it’s ready for an expanded home. This will also give you a great chance to check out the existing soil and roots. If you want to go uber-safe, I would clean and get rid of ALL the old soil and start fresh. Lately I’ve really been impressed with Miracle-Gro’s tropical planting mix that has lava rock in it. Don’t be afraid to prune the gross leaves. Better to get rid than having something spread.
i agree with Michael above, give it an adjustment period , 3 weeks or so
then repot it into a bigger house. small minimal leaf damage is totally fine , just trim them off before repotting , the rest of the plant looks great so i personally think you’ll be in good shape
Agree with both of these guys! I'd say she needs a new pot (it's totally normal for the older, lower leaves to die off!), but I'd wait until she adjusts to her new home first just to be sure. When you do repot, check for pests just to be sure that there's no exterior factors at work (but I suspect she's just a bit root bound!) and only go up by 1-2" pit Size, they like to be snug ☺️ also it's coming into growing season, so after a few weeks in ger new pot (as her growing eill slow from shock) it'll be time to start feeding her a bit of plany fertiliser
.. start at half strength and work up to full each month until the end of summer where you are xx
So I have one of these and tI never encountered any trouble. Although all the advice that was given about waiting a bit is correct as the plant needs time to acclimate to the new space and the new pot is definitely something you should do after a month or so, I would also advise you to take a cutting for propagation if this is a plant you do not want to lose. Sometimes it takes longer to understand the real issue so restarting the plant might be a good way to keep this plant if it’s one you enjoy, if everything turns alright, as I hope it will, at least you have two of this plants. Good luck.
It’s beautiful!
Hey guys, thank you so much for the advice! When repotting, should I also think about including a piece of wood so it can climb? I thought about going to the aquarium section of a pet store and getting some interesting looking wood there πŸ€”
@EarthyDewberry I definitely would! πŸ₯° Adansonii is a vining plant so she wants to climb! You can let them trail but I find climbing makes for a stronger, healthier plant than trailing.

That sounds like a fab idea though! πŸ₯° A nice bit of driftwood .. or even find an interesting branch when your out walking and leave it to dry out for a few weeks? Then it's free too! Lol xx