Posted 1M ago by @Foxie

How do you treat tradescantia zebrina to look good?

For a while now i have #TradescantiaZebrina and I just don’t know what to do with her.
Northern window, currently outside on the windowsill.
How do you guys make them look…happy.?

PS: she doesn’t look that bad in reality
1ft to light, indirect
Last watered 1 month ago
@Foxie Good morning Ellie , if you go to your oasis on this particular plant scroll down . It will give you the information you need and further down like minded peoples wandering dudes . She’s quite beautiful 🤩 I’m just starting some cuttings myself and found lots of helpful info by doing the above .
@Foxie Two things that helped me and should help you, 1. use a self-watering pot or at least add drainage holes. They don't like wet feet. 2. Add more light, the colors fade without efficient light. I have mine in a south facing window and its grown like bonkers!