Posted 2w ago by @ACuteDoggi

My Lucky Bamboo’s leaves are getting yellow. Why is this?

I’ve had this plant for a few months now and recently kept it next to my open window and the leaves started to turn yellow. Some are droopy, but some tips are dry.

I used to keep it next to a vent that pumps Cool or Hot air (mostly hot), and typically water it once a week.

The pictures (except the last one) are taken where i usually put it.
How often/how much were you watering? Sounds like it might be a humidity issue. Any plant placed near a vent is going to lose moisture quickly and be in lower humidity
@FumblingFern I usually water it once a week, around 50-100ml. It wasn’t yellowing until i put it next to my open window about 3 weeks ago. It does get dry in my room, i plan on getting a humidifier soon.