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Pancake is looking flat
So, my flapjack plant is looking rather weird. There's this brown rash-like look going on with some of her leaves. I give her sun, as she is a succulent, but maybe it's burning her? Any tips? I've taken her out of the sun for the time being.
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago

Usually, these are caused by a minor physical condition called edema, but if the spots are small and red-brown, they may be soft brown scale insects. Edema damage is minor and tends to be limited, but scale insects can kill the plant's leaves if you don't treat them quickly.

Scale, if treating small infestations, responds well to pruning and rubbing alcohol. For larger infestations, you’ll likely need to discard your plant.
@KikiGoldblatt you're awesome. I'm going to treat as if it's sce and see what happens. Thanks so much!!

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