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My plants were sent as a gift but I'm not sure why it beg...

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Hi S, welcome to Greg!

Some more info would be helpful, but based on your plant card there are a few places you can start.

1. It says the pot doesn't have drainage. This can cause root rot if the soil stays wet in the bottom of the pot. Do you check the soil moisture before you water?
2. It may want more light. Bright, indirect light is good but depending on how much it's getting might not be enough.
3. pests are always an issue.
4. Shock. Some plants go into shock when they are shipped or brought home. It usually takes them several weeks or more to acclimate.

Let us know if any of these sound possible and give us a little more info when you can - we can help narrow down the issue and give you some tips to remedy it.
What exactly is happening? That may help to get you correct answers.
The leaves are turning brown and dying ðŸ˜Ē
Sorry everyone...I'm still learning how to use the site.
I do appreciate all those who commented âĢ
No need to apologize!

That makes me think it could be a watering issue, or fungal issue.

When it was sent to you was it potted or bare root?