Posted 2M ago by @sarahhjonesy

is this normal?
#StringOfPearls super healthy and flowering on the bottom of the strands but the very top has a bunch of dead ones. is this normal??
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
i think overwater! gonna take it out and let it dry out
@sarahhjonesy maybe @RJG can help.
@KikiGoldblatt decided to repot in the same pot with drier soil. it was soaking, i definitley overwatered it. let’s see if it’ll survive 🥲
@sarahhjonesy wishing you luck on these. I hope it works. I don’t have any experience with them at all. I have always wanted them but I hear they are hard succulents to take care of.
I have a lot of practice with SOP’s. I mean I have killed a few in my past 🤔 I am working on my 3rd SOP and I am just trying to leave it alone. I have even left it in its pot from the original seller. I just tucked@it in a cute hanging pot. I am also on my 2nd VSOP’s. Same thing, less love. I do have piece of the previous victims that are still kicking but I mean pieces like a pearl here and there in a pot propagating very slow. It’s a patience game that I lack in.
@CalitoCarolina i just bought a VSOP about 2 months ago and all variegated strings died off while the strings with no variegation are thriving smh
@sarahhjonesy Did you pick off the dried up pearls and then cover the bare stems with soil? New growth might spring from those stems.
The card picture shows that it’s hanging, make sure the top of your plant gets light too. I know a lot of people hand thier plants and the sides only get light and it slowly dies due to lack of light
I just got a variegated one and it wasn’t cheap😭 any advice on what I absolutely shouldn’t do?
@Gabisplants i may have killed this one :( i would just say don’t over water!! it’s more of a succulent than a tropical :) good luck!!

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