Posted 1M ago by @CarefreeIcarus


#Echeveria Do I need to get a bigger pot for this guy, He is still in the retail pot
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Are the roots coming out of the bottom? If so, yes. Other than that it looks good.
@Avocadonerd No, there are no roots coming out the bottom
@CarefreeIcarus then it’s fine, only if you want to move it you should. It’s up to you.
There also seems to be white things growing on the leaves
Since it doesn’t have drainage, I would reccomend getting a pot with holes at the bottom so water can drain out. And the pot looks just a tiny bit too small, maybe 3 inch instead of 2. And try to put it in a porous pot such as ceramic or terracotta, so the plant can breathe a little more.