Posted 6M ago by @ReveredBeans

Got this leaf off my council tree…

For the most part she seems pretty healthy… is this the normal leaf cycle? It fell from the bottom, but the discoloration and brown through it make me wonder if it’s something more.

She’s been moved to about 10 feet away from the window, but still gets nice filtered outdoor light since we always keep our blinds open and our window faces south.
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I have one of these and yours looks quite beautiful actually! And yep normal! Just a really old leaf. They do tend to get yellow and brown then eventually fall off. I will say they do like a lot of bright light so 10 ft away may be too little light. But just keep an eye out!
@julesplants after typing this up I guilt tripped myself into moving her to a space closer to the window. 😂 Also thank you! I got a bit worried. I plan on moving her outside mid-February.
@ReveredBeans 😂 that’s good lol no problem! And oooooh watch that growth blow up for spring time !