Posted 2w ago by @RavenBlair2022

Lost cause?
I’m thinking this on is a lost cause at this point… #lambsear #myplantdied #deadplantsmakepeoplehappytoo
It doesn't look good. I would cut back the dead probably and see what happens.
Hi Ms. @RavenBlair2022, try to to give a little water. Maybe it will recover and don’t expose directly to sunlight.
This plant has had a rough time. The plant card indicates the pot doesn’t have drainage and has been in direct sunlight. Either your plant is dry or overwatered. If she survives, I would move her to a pot with bottom holes. 💚
@Pegster I ordered new drill bits from Amazon. They should be here today. I’ll cut off all the dead leaves and water more like @RJG and @Gei17 suggested. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼
@RavenBlair2022 if you ordered your plants/ succulents, try not to water for 7 days and put it on a ventilated area. Then after 7 days, give a little water atleast 10ml (depends on pot you use). Repeat it for another 7days until the plants adjusted on your place. Then introduce the indirect sunlight every 4hours a day.

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