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What is up?
Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong? I have had this for around a year and idk what it going on. #GregGang any ideas?
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@PlantyPlanter oh! if it’s got water already it could also have the opposite problem- root rot from overhydrating, or if it’s in direct light could be sunburned.
Do you know the species? Looks dehydrated!
@admnch the this is, it has water+water beads in it. That’s why I am confused. Maybe I should water it. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks!
I love my Antheriums! They are understory plants that like bright shade and well draining soil. They can also be epiphytic, growing in the forked branches of trees.

I heard once upon a time that they do not like the chemicals and tapwater. I keep several Antheriums in my shower, but I water them with rain water or a turtle tank water.

I will look for your post in a little while and show you a picture of mine. (: I think your plant would benefit from being repotted in real soil.
@sarahsalith ok thanks! I haven’t watered it in a while anyways. It came with no drainage, I wonder why🤷🏻‍♀️. The chemical thing might also be the reason. Can’t wait to see yours!
Oop, I definitely needed some water! I haven’t watered it in a while but I thought it was fine with that. Thanks for the advice @admnch !
The top ones are my Painter's Pallets and the bottom ones are Hookeri. I love the anthuriums. There are so many different types!

I think I've had my Painter's Pallets for about three years. I read that they like organic soil that drains well, but holds on to moisture, so I've got a mix of perlite and peat moss in with the soil.

My shower faces east and is shaded.
@sarahsalith Nice!
@PlantyPlanter you have some great suggestions from @sarahsalith and @admnch.

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