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Fiddle not really growing?
Hey y’all, I’ve had biggie for almost 6 months now and since then he’s put out one leaf and gotten no taller at all. Any recommendations? Are they just super slow growing?
1ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
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I would probably remove any fallen leaves around the base of the plant then add a layer of fresh soil to help feed it, followed by a dose of plant food. The leaves are slightly drooping so try giving it a touch more light then see how that works for your baby. You can also turn the pot if you don’t normally do this to inspire new growth. But, I would check the soil moisture and inspect for thrips too. Too much water and thrips will stop overall growth.
They like a lot of light so make sure it’s in a south (or west) window and water with foliage pro fertilizer. You can find it on amazon!
Fiddle leaf figs grow slower indoors compared to their tropical native setting. Many things such as sun, temperature, water, humidity have to do with their growth rate.
Sometimes it do be like that. Do you use fertilizer? If no, I do recommend this one:
@FitSedum what is a thrip?
@LiquidRose84 it’s like a fungus gnat. It flies up out of the soil and leaves its larvae in the soil. It’s a fungus -borne gnat that thrives in overwatered soil.
I second the comments about feeding it some plant food and making sure it gets enough light. My fiddle leaf fig actually looked droopy so, I put it outside, gave some plant food and now it’s doing a lot better.

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