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Plant Temps….. BRRRRRR
I was looking at all the information that Greg supplies us for our plants and… ACCURATE are these numbers? Bcuz I do not believe my spider can survive 20 degrees 😅 or my golden pothos in 30 degree. She don’t like when the temp is below 70 😂 she throws a fit. But I’m just curious about these low numbers bcuz I have never thought houseplants could survive in such low temperatures. Does anybody have any stories of their plants surviving in low temps like this? @RJG #AskGreg
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I think @SirLiquorice had some plants comeback when we had a freeze in the teens.

Plants are resilient. The earth hs been trying to kill them a lot longer than it's been trying to kill us. I normally don't start bringing plants in until it's gonna be consistently below 50° F. Even the ficus! In the #BackyardGreenhouse I won't turn on the heat unless it's gonna be below 40° all night.
Oh wow! That’s amazing information, thank you.
Also I love the little facts that show up on Greg. I had no idea we didn’t know why plants are green. So cool. @RJG
@Kiersten and I were just talking about plant colors
I'm also insane w the #BackyardGreenhouse and will anxiety wake during freezes to check the thermometer and make sure the heater is still going. I've been known to change a propane tank at 4AM in the rain 😂
@LatiTish84 smh another one she couldn't find 🤔
Couldn't find and couldn't comment on when sent a link.
Greg is officially on time out.

But I do appreciate the posted info.

Greg will be in the corner for the rest of the evening. 🤬
The thing to remember about those temperature extremes is that they're survivable temps.
A spider plant isnt gonna do well at 20° but it could come back from it.
@ManyLime just to be clear opening from the link made it so you couldn't comment?
She can’t comment at all when she is on deskstop version but she can’t see the posts on the app. @RJG
@LatiTish84 no one can comment on desktop version not even me. It's on my wishlist!

When you tagged her she was able to find it right? @ManyLime
All my plants stay out until it’s pushing 45 degree lows. I’d trust them down to 40, but the meteorologists aren’t always accurate enough 😂 Even then I’ve had some surprises into the upper 30s, and everyone has survived unharmed!
Yes she was @RJG
@ESylvanus yep! It me!
@ESylvanus wow! Okay that’s great to know. Thank you for sharing.
This is John McClain. It was hanging off the edge of a hanging pot outside in the front yard at my friends moms house. It was about the size of the pup that’s growing on it now. The entire mother plant and all the pups were completely dead. Except for this one hanging off the side. The weather had been consistently 28 degrees with strong freezing wind. Killed a lot of plants in her yard because it was a surprise freeze out of nowhere. Somehow this one didn’t die. I picked it off the dead plant and brought it home and put it in a small jar of water. Roots grew pretty quickly and then it turned into this now. Which is why I named it John McClain after the movie Die Hard. This plant should be dead.
This is the yard John McClain was in. But this is when it was 9 degrees. It never gets this colder here and never snows but a lot of these plants actually survived just fine and it stayed really cold for several days. All our water pipes broke and we didn’t have running water it was so cold. Yet that opuntia and that other plant covered in snow lived.
@SirLiquorice literally a perfect name.
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Okay John McClain!! That’s an amazing story! I’m an IMPRESSED and in AWE! @SirLiquorice @AwesomePlants @ManyLime @MrsSmith check out this story
My dragon fruit was behind the frost blankets but it got really cold. And it was big enough that it was awkward to bring inside. Next time I’m bringing it in or protecting it more. The freezing winds and weather almost killed it. It’s a fraction of the size now and part does completely. But now it’s growing new branches like crazy. Same with my sticks of fire. It wasn’t blocked by the blankets well enough so some of the plant died. I saw some huge ones at a bar downtown that were so big and pretty and they completely died in the same conditions because they didn’t block the freezing wind at all. If they would’ve wrapped frost blankets around them they would’ve lived because mine did. Now it’s getting big but not nearly the size of the ones that were downtown. But it’s amazing they can almost die or get severe damage from freezing weather but they can regenerate and you almost can’t every tell anything bad happened. The main thing I’ve noticed is many of my cacti and succulents can survive pretty cold for certain periods of time if the soil is dry and you put anything to help block the freezing wind. The wind is what scars and kills them not the cold so much. Unless it’s super cold. But many plants outside here including all the wild cactus around survived with snow and 9 degree weather. And they aren’t adapted to that cole weather here and still lived without any protection somehow
I always try and google the cold tolerance of each of my plants so I know which can stay outside. Dragonfruit shouldn’t be outside at colder than 50 degrees but they will survive much colder. But it will damage it a lot. I try to write the coldest temperature it can handle on the pot of each one but I’ve been slacking
@RJG yeah the name seemed perfect to me. He was even hanging off the side of the pot hanging in the air kinda like he did with the fire hose in the movie when he had to jump off the building. I think since it was on the side of the pot hanging, that may have been what saved it from completely freezing to death like the rest of the plant and pups. It was the only healthy and living one left. Maybe the wind came from the other direction mainly? Somehow it lived when it should have died like all the other spider plants did that were exposed in the yard. Even most of the bigger ones died the freezing wind was so bad. Luckily I had time to put frost blankets up at home from what I remember. She didn’t have time to protect any of her plants. She may have been out of town when the surprise cold front came in I think
@LatiTish84 I love your spider plants name. That’s good. BeckyWithDaGoodHair. They do have the best hair. I was first gifted a pup and now I have a bunch of them somehow. Lol
It's so interesting I was just telling Tish that I realized my mom has a dracaena that has been on our front lawn for YEARS.. thru FEET of snow.. because my mom does NOT buy plants to bring inside. She buys during the summer and they stay outside and she replaces them next summer 🤷🏾‍♀️
She told me it was a spider plant but of course now I know better, but it's been out there about 5 years and it comes back every summer like clock work and looks exactly the same 🤷🏾‍♀️

I was wondering if the succulents in my window boxes could just... stay there... this winter..
Im thinking of leaving the one's on the front yard where they are especially since I realized today that 1 has grown roots INTO the lawn 😬. And see if it comes back.. it's an echeveria.. I'm curious now.
Thank you! I didn’t have luck with my first spider plant so im hoping Becky will thrive. So far so good. 🤞🏾🤞🏾 @SirLiquorice

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