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Who should go?
Okay #GregGang It’s 95 unseasonably hot here. It looks to remain above 80 indefinitely. I put some of the bèbès, middle of the road and two mature plants 🪴 on the patio table and took a wire shelf out. Lots on the enclosed porch…I still don’t have them all catalogued…but who should go out for the duration? It’s fairly cool inside. The #PropagationStation is right next to a big register…more experimenting! #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #
So you have some pictures? I love being able to take some of my plants outside and I LOVE the fact that I get to water them more often!
@sarahsalith I’ll take some ‘area’ pics…things got spread out when we got the plague…
This is facing west and probably gets the best sun.
Love it!!
This Kansas weather has been so unfair this year.
@kaleena My friend in NYC who grew up here said “OMG we broke the weather”…
Do you remember how we had a tornado last December? Nuts! I have all of my cacti outside. I have a few foliage out there too but I get nervous about them. It is really nice and far more efficient to be able to water them outside.
@kaleena Girl yes I do! It was 70 degrees on Christmas!! My bf in Canada calls tornados vortexes of death…there are so many this year!
@Yeeha234 soooo many! I have a feeling the next few days are gonna get wild! Stay safe!! 💕
I also have to keep an eye out to make sure none get stolen or eaten by critters…this is why I have security cameras right? 😂
@kaleena You too!! That’s another reason I’m reticent to put many out…high winds and torrential rain…where are you in KS?
That looks... Overwhelming. Lol How do you keep up with it all??
@kaleena fellow Kansan here! Can confirm and commiserate!
@Yeeha234 Um I have OCD and ADHD thanks to Covid-19 and a coma. So 1. I separated them around the house 2. I stopped shopping on Etsy late at night 3. I made a spreadsheet and 4. #GREG !!
@Yeeha234 I’m in Lawrence so only about 45 minutes from you! I’m fortunate to have two screened in porches. When it gets windy I just take them off the ledge and put them on the floor as close to the wall as possible.
And yes some of my plants look real haggard. They did not do well this winter. 😬 And also yes I know if the screen is falling down, you can’t really say the whole thing is screened in. Home owning is hard. ☠️
@Yeeha234 love 💕 it!
@kaleena wow I love it!!
@Yeeha234 that’s what I need to do shop on ETSY late at night when I cannot sleep. But I now have a self imposed moratorium on plant shopping until at least the middle of June 🤞🤞😱
@kaleena YEAH IT IS!!! I’d still call it screened in were it I…
@KikiGoldblatt thank you!
@Ms.PersnicketyPants YAAAASS guurrllll but don’t do it! I had a few surprise deliveries 🧐 that cost me…I will never get 2-4”plants from Mountain Crest ever again. They ALL died. Walmart/Lowes etc is a crapshoot but most are from Altman’s…There are a few growers on Etsy I have had good luck with and then Succulent Selection (I think). They have HUGE plants for under $7
@Ms.PersnicketyPants also I’ve been saving for a trip to San Diego next weekend!!
@Yeeha234 Well, as far as ETSY is concerned there’s one plant seller that I absolutely love that’s American Plant Exchange they are located in Clearwater, FL practically around the corner from me , they have super plants good prices and super fast delivery! They are the ones that hooked me up with Greg! But like I said ; waiting until at least June…
@Yeeha234 OMG San Diego, my all time favorite place in the entire USA! I used to live there in the 70‘s what a blast! enjoy your trip and have a crazy good time!!
@Ms.PersnicketyPants First-I used to live in Tampa! So Clearwater was a second home! Where should I go in SD?!? I’m meeting my future husband there.
@Yeeha234 Well I haven’t been there in years and I don’t know if it still excites it was a Restaurant called “Mr. A’s” when the planes came in to land they were so close to the building you could swear you could almost touch them, sooo cool
@Yeeha234 I just checked it’s still there! Check it out Mister A's
Mister A's offers the modern American food in San Diego. Just minutes from Downtown with gorgeous views of the San Diego skyline. Voted most romantic.
@Ms.PersnicketyPants SWEET!! Thank you! Ima pass that on to my boo right now!! 🙏🏻

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