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#SmallLeafSpiderwort I over watered it by accident, like a lot. I want to save her so bad ! I repotted her in a bigger pot with dry enriched soil and stopped watering her. She is now in indirect sun light. Can I still save her or is it beyond saving ?
8โ€ pot without drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Time will tell but if you think the soil is still too wet, take paper towels and put it on the soil around where you can and leave overnight it will draw out moisture from the soil. I did this with an aloe plant to save it and it worked. Jut a thought you can try it. Make sure to use several paper towels.
@Colecat71 thanks a lot! Iโ€™ll try that :)
If you can get it Seaboost is amazing to help with transplant shock and over watering! Also highly recommend buying a moister meter, as someone who has over watered a handful it made a HUGE difference
@FitStylomecon hi Rachel and welcome to Greg. Your plant definitely needs to be in a pot with drainage.
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@FitStylomecon I wouldn't recommend having put it in a bigger pot. If she's been overwatered she's likely got root rot and needs to have some roots removed, which means she'll actually need a smaller pot. The bigger one will make it easier to overwater it again