Posted 1Y ago by @GeorgieKatie

Leaves browning

My Arabian coffee plant’s leaves are browning and going all crispy in parts and sometimes falling off. I mist it twice daily and water it weekly but it’s near a radiator- do I need to move it or is something else in my routine at fault? #ArabianCoffeePlant
12ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
Mine did the same thing and I moved it away from the heating source. It has seemed to help. I would try that first.
I'd recommend skipping the misting, which can cause more harm than good! But my coffee plant is a bit dramatic this way too
It may be getting too much light, mind was very dramatic and kept doing this until I moved it to a spot with indirect light instead of direct light. It seems to be happier now.
@Buddingbotanist thank you! I’ve done that now
@Colin okay, thank you :)
@BoozyBillsBabe thanks so much :) Nigel is sitting happy on my desk now, hoping to see some improvement
Personally I water mine twice a week and don’t mist I find mine went brown when I misted it
Mine is doing the same.
Mine is also drying up and leaves falling off. Could this be too cold. Outside is about 30Β° inside I try to make sure it stays 60Β°-65 at night and during the day.
Having the same issues; Temperature is fine- I’m further away from heat source today and seeing if that works
I would probably move it. Also make sure it’s not getting direct light as that can burn the leaves. It need bright indirect light.
They burn easily in bright sun. Maybe the radiator heat is drying it out too much. My plant does best when a little moistness to the soil and in bright indirect light.