Posted 2Y ago by @CaseyCoker

Toes isn’t doing so well :( don’t know how to help him!!!

1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
I just got a handful of these and I had to put mine straight down into the soil since they don’t seem to have a traditional root system.
@KiminSedona should i repot him? Hes the only survivor… not sure what happened
That might be a good idea. I put mine into succulent soil and left it dry the first two days. Then I watered with a pipette dropper that I pushed a little down into the soil about two inches from the plant. I won’t be watering again for about 10 days unless I see them wrinkle on the sides. I hope that helps! Your lone survivor looks pretty good.
@KiminSedona thank you so much!!!
This is actually a lithop not baby toes! Looking into how to water lithops may help - they need very well draining soil - i use 1 cup sand to 1 cup pearlite to 1 cup pumice to one cup soil but look up what may work best for yours!
definitely repot this guy in dryer soil! This soil mixture looks a bit too moisture retaining for the lil guy
@jordansage thank you sooooooo much!!!
My absolute pleasure! A terracotta pot might help too! I can’t wait to see the update πŸ’š
lithops like to be grown in really inorganic potting mixes! ive seen some do well in almost pure grit. also lithops have a really strange growth/water cycle, where in some seasons you don’t water them at all for a couple months. i’d do some research on that, and also the pot you get them needs to be quite deep bc they have a tap root :)
@strawberrymoon thank you🀍