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When to be worried.

I feel like I am constantly posting for help. I feel bad. But my nana has put years into this plant and I don’t want to kill it. Lately the big leaves have been getting droopy and are falling off with the stem. Some of them feel crunchy but I know I’m not giving it too much light. I know I’m not under watering it. I also don’t think I’m overwatering - there isn’t a drainage hole but I never water if the soil is moist. Today I noticed these white spots all over my leaves. (Not part of the polka dot pattern). They don’t rub off it’s as if the leaf is turning white. I do have new growth but as soon as the new leaf unfolds it also begins to get really damaged edges. Almost all the beautiful red color on the underside of the leaves is gone. The more research I do the more and more I feel like it could be a million things. Some of them that could kill my plant soon, some that just need addressed eventually but I don’t know at what point I need to be concerned that my plant is actually dying or is just needing more water, light, soil, fertilizer.
2ft to light, direct
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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I am certainly no expert, but have propagated many of these plants and all the leaves have that pattern.
The white spots are part of the plant!
@SuaveHeathaster so it’s common to have more than just a spot. Like the whole section edge of the leaf can turn white? (It’s the first picture)
Here is a pic of mine and the leaves have those white spots too.
@SuaveHeathaster ok. Thank you!!!!!! I just feel like every new thing I notice is just bad! But your plant looks beautiful!!! How often do you find you lose leaves?
I'm glad you found Greg, Amanda! Is it really 15 feet from the light?

The spots on the leaf here are a sign of a watering issue- the leaves are drying out.

If the big leaves are soft droopy, that's not good. Big and stiff and droopy because the size of the leaf is natural, but the leaf should not be limp.

Is the plant in the same pot when your nana had it?
@sarahsalith yeah. We had it closer to a window but my dogs kept trying to get into it so it’s in a really inconvenient place right now on a speaker near our TV. I want to move it to the office but the office gets a ton of light and thought I might burn the leaves so I didn’t. - This is the pot my nana has kept it in since she propagated it and it grew well but she never got it to bloom she said. Most of my big leaves are droopy. Even a lot of the smaller ones get really limp. Am I just not watering enough? Or often enough?
@JellyBellyMunch how do you check when to water? Do you stick your fingers down into the pot to feel how moist the soil is near the roots? Some folks use a water meter or a wooden chopstick (no soil stuck on the chopstick, the soil is probably dry). Personally, I'm a fan of using my own fingers then I KNOW how dry or wet it is.
@sarahsalith I use my fingers. I only put them in to my big knuckle and if it’s moist I don’t water. Especially since I know this pot doesn’t have a drainage hole. But this is my first real plant experience with something so β€œneedy”. Like my cactus’s don’t really care if I mess up a lot lol so it possible that my judgement on what is β€œdry” is just wrong. So droopy would mean I am watering enough?
The crazy think is "droopy" could mean not enough water or it could mean too much water.

Since you want to make sure this plant thrives, I would consider repotting it into a pot with drainage, but to be on the safe side.

When you do, you'll know firsthand if you are dealing with too much water or not enough water. I know this plant is special and I want it to LOVE its new home.

If you do repot, try not to disturb the roots and gently wiggle/pull out as much soil around the roots as possivle to not break the roots and stress the plant. πŸ’š
@sarahsalith is there any videos I can watch of someone repotting you would recommend? I’ve never done that before and I know this plant is already stressed. Is there a particular pot that is better than another? I know terracotta is known for wicking water but I just wanted be sure before I do this. Thank you so much. You have been so helpful and given me so many places to start with!!! I appreciate it more than you know!!!!
I'm sure there is (heck, there's a video of ANYTHING on the Internet ... be careful!)

BUT if you can wait until tomorrow, I can help you out and we can do it together. I have a BUNCH that I need to repot and I'll be glad to do it with you. (:

Are you going to be able to repot it tomorrow? I think a ceramic pot or a plastic pot would be better for this plant. Terracotta would be okay, BUT you'd have to set up the watering.
@sarahsalith my husband is going to run to Home Depot tomorrow. Should I also get new soil? I know the soil was replaced at the end of March when I got it. We should be able to pick it up first thing tomorrow morning so doing this with you would be absolutely fantastic!
It's always good to have a big of soil on hand. (: You never know when you'll need it!

I KNOW I remembered it was Mother's Day today, but I want to let you know that we are heading to see my mom after church.

I should be ready to go this evening - is that too late for you? It's morning where I am now.
I made it home and i'm gonna hop on the lawn mower and take a whack at this grass before the rain comes! Tag me when you're ready! (:
@sarahsalith I am ready when you are. But I think I might have gotten too big of a new pot. Let me take a picture and show you
Yeh. That's a little big. Do you have a plastic nursery pot sitting around?
@sarahsalith i don’t think i have any nursery pots but I do have small and medium terracotta pots laying around and a weird shaped ceramic tub? My MIL made it but it’s wide and shallow. I can also get pictures of those to you
@JellyBellyMunch sounds good! Just add the pictures. (:
Is the white one a 6" and the black one a 4"?
Black is 7” but shorter and white is 6”
Which one has a thicker coat of paint? That'll be the one that will hold more water even though it's terracotta.
@sarahsalith the black one. And the paint is all able to be removed- it’s all washable non toxic.
@JellyBellyMunch I'd use the black one because it won't try out as fast.
If you're ready, I'd grab a long knife. I'm going to cut the grass another day. (: I'll hang out her with you until you get your plant potted.
@sarahsalith ok. Dinner is just getting done. Give me like 15? I’ll eat quick. And let you know as soon as I’m done!
@JellyBellyMunch I'll hop on the mower. Take your time! Don't rush!
@sarahsalith thank you!!!
@sarahsalith I’m all done. So whenever you’re ready let me know know 😁
Sorry! I had to move some branches. I'm ready!!
You weren't joking about 15 minutes! οΏΌ
@sarahsalith hahah I wasn’t even trying to eat fast lol. And you are fine!! I’m so beyond grateful for you help!! Ok so I have a bread knife I got the black pot. Now is this all going to be one root ball or is this three separate plants? How to I pull it out of the pot?
I would keep it together. Like this:
Go around the pot and tilt it a bit.
Ok. Got a good bit of room now. So just try to grab the plant and gently pull it out
I have one that sorta resembled yours and one that I NEEDED to repot.
Tip it over.
That's the best way to keep it together.
Does it come out pot shaped or like the first picture: clump and messy? οΏΌ
They all started separating and falling apart
Put some some new soil in the pot and place the plant in, hopefully it's NOT messy, and then add soil around the plant.
That's okay.
Still put some potting mix in the bottom, hold them up with one hand and fill in soil with the other.
Was the soil really dry?
How much soil should I fill in the bottom? Like and inch? More? And no. The bottom was a bit moist. Not wet. But still moist.
And do I pack it in
I wouldn't pack it in. Add about 3" of soil to the bottom and hold the plant stems with the roots touching the soil.
Then fill it in around the roots, lightly pushing it down.
When you get the soil in around the plant, the stems should stand on their own.
You'll want to water it REALLY well after. Just put it in the sink and let the water drain through. οΏΌ
Ok so on of the stems still has roots sticking up out of the dirt. No matter how low I tried to put it. But I think I got it repotted without losing a leaf!
It’s in the sink now. Just water till it comes through the bottom? Then stop. I don’t want to over water it.
@JellyBellyMunch I think it looks good. Now when you water, you can water deeply, but you'll need to water more often with the terracotta pot.

However, all the soil will be able to be wet and dry now.

In a few months, you can do it again to give the plant more room. (:
For now, the plant will be abile to rest and keeping it hydrated will help the leaves not dry out.
I need to put my birds away. I'll be back in 8 minutes.
For now I think it looks good!!!! And hopefully when I go to do it again the roots will be more bound together. I seriously don’t know how to thank you enough.
@JellyBellyMunch it looks GREAT! I know it'll make your Nana proud!
@sarahsalith I can’t wait to tell her!! She is going to be so excited me and the begonia both survived our first repotting lol πŸ˜‚