Posted 4w ago by @Sherrifk8

My peace lily has been very healthy and started flowering like crazy almost a year ago, nonstop. Now the leaves are a bit yellow which is unusual- how can I help it regain its bright green color?
I would say these are probably the oldest leaves and the plant is getting rid of them to push out new ones! As long as it’s just a couple of leaves I wouldn’t worry, it’s just the plant replacing them
You have blooms so you’re still doing great! I agree with the old leaves and new ones on their way. Check to see if it is root bound too, maybe repot into a bigger pot once it’s finished blooming.
Thanks everyone!
How far is it from the light source? I wonder if it's getting enough light. And how wet or dry is the soil? The yellow/brown tips could be a sign that something is off.

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