Posted 3M ago by @ChicCarrottop

My plant isn’t doing very well, and is just dying off. Ha...

1ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
There are so many reasons to consider. The BIGGEST culprit is watering too often and or poor soil and pot.

Do you water a lot? What type of pot is it in? What type of soil do you have?
Additionally, your leaves look limp and floppy which says too much water to me as opposed to curled and crispy.
Thank you! I actually hadn’t watered this in a while so I watered it to try and bring it back to life. It’s just in the pot and soil I bought it in which isn’t very good. Poor draining soil and a plastic pot with drainage holes. Do you think I should change my soil?
What I have learned is poor draining soil and those plastic nursery pots can each spell death for a plant.

If the plant is just sitting in soggy soil, then it can drown for lack of oxygen.

What I would do is check the soil to see if it is still wet. I would say more than just "moist." If it is, I would absolutely change it, although it may be too late. You can safely "water" as long as you want each time as long as the soil drains and as long as your pot is good. I am quite partial to Terra Cotta as it will absorb excess water from the soil. The idea with watering is it is better to under water than water too often. Think more water less often.
Please let me know though if the leaves are indeed limp and loose, and how quickly that happened. The leaves tell a lot about the condition of the plant, and a picture can only say so much.

I have a waffle plant that will absolutely flatten and go limp if I miss a watering and look quite dead. She will however immediately perk up as soon as I water her. Almost threw her away before I figured that one out.