Posted 3M ago by @RadiantCarrot

I have no idea why this plant is molded but it is. I stopped over watering it and now it needs serious treatment in the base. The leaves are turning brown and have a whitish film on them. Help plz!
1ft to light, indirect
14” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
hi Brandi! would you be willing to upload a pic of the leaves? the #GregGang might be able help more with a visual reference :)
@lazyplantparent I think I did but I’m not sure how to see the pix. Just learned about this app yesterday so I’m not good with it yet haha
@lazyplantparent yes so if u click on the plant and hit gallery you’ll see all the pix of the leaves
@RadiantCarrot i think your gallery is something that’s just for you, but when you’re typing a comment here, there’s a little icon to the left of the text box that looks like a little picture. if you tap on it, it will give you an option to upload or take pictures that you could include with your reply 🙂 and btw, welcome!! 🥳 glad you’re here!
I want it to be pretty again
There’s tiny white things in this one if u look close
I’d recommend wiping down the leaves with a cleaning mix (drop of soap mixed with water), trimming off any leaves that are fully damaged or brown, and checking the soil moisture. If it’s wet/soggy, you might want to check for root rot. If it’s dry, consider giving some water to rehydrate. Brown crispy tips can be caused by a lack of humidity, so that’s something to keep in mind too.
@lazyplantparent thank you so much!!

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