Posted 2M ago by @mello

the leafs look weird(?)
im not rly good with plants so idk if this is normal? pls help i dont want my flower to die
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
The leaves look dry. Hydrangeas really thrive outside. They usually blossom when the weather finally gets warmer.

The blossoms do not last long, maybe a week or so.
alright thanks! i put it outside :)
@mello I agree with @sarahsalith. Sarah did you notice the wire bug of the leaf?
Looks like some stage of white flies. Reproduce rapidly so if that’s what it is, act quickly. Love hydrangeas πŸ₯°. Good luck πŸ€
@KikiGoldblatt i didn't. is that a bad thing? i put the plant out on my windowsill just now. also @MariansOasis should i just place fly traps next to my plant or is there something specific i need to do?
@mello A simple solution made from liquid dish soap and water will kill adult whiteflies without harming plants. Add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap to 1 gallon of water and mix well. Pour the solution into a plastic spray bottle and spray it on all infested plants, saturating the leaves' upper and undersides and the stems.
@mello first make sure it is whiteflies and then what @KikiGoldblatt recommends is what I’d do.

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